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Fleur Geurl Releases Debut Album Jupiter Return

Fleur Geurl, the Asheville-based project of singer and musician Danielle McConaghy (formerly of Tom Angst), released a debut album, Jupiter Return, on Monday. The eight songs are an ethereal delight, especially for McConaghy fans who have been eagerly inhaling new tunes from the artist since Tom Angst disbanded in 2019.

Jupiter Return shows McConaghy engaging in a soft, atmospheric folk sound. Her voice is clear yet almost otherworldly, though the lyrical subject matter deals with the earthly concerns of nature and the physical body, like “I went out / To find you / In the wood” on first track “The Woods” and “Can I go to sleep / Because I’ve been staying up late every night / And it’s been weeks” on “No Sleep Anxiety.”

Choral and orchestral touches on many of the tracks lend Jupiter Return an expansive quality and make listening an immersive, pensive experience. This is especially true of “The Bouquet,” which features vocal echoes of an almost angelic nature against a gentle piano backdrop.

Lush in its imagery and composition, Jupiter Return is a stellar showing, and we’re excited for what Fleur Geurl will deliver next.

“It’s been a long time coming and I’m just so happy to finally share what I’ve been working on,” McConaghy said of the project.

Stream the new album below.