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Instrumental Outfit Thompson Releases Debut EP Thompson

Thompson, a new project from Charleston natives (and cousins) William Thompson and David LeBlanc, released their first recording, a self-titled EP, Thompson, just before the new year. All instrumentation on the 4-song project was recorded live. 

The tracks on Thompson are lush, with precise, latin-influenced guitar riffs and deep drum beats. Production choices on each song emphasize a sense of wild abundance, creating an expansive soundscape that glitters and tingles with the noises of the natural world.

A faint birdsong can be heard in “Dream Queen.” In the smoldering “Hello Friends,” a sound that calls to mind the hiss of the snake is playful in the background.

While songs are easy going, they’re also upbeat, meaning that, should you attempt to use Thompson as your instrumental focus music of choice, you may wind up tapping your foot along with the tracks, even getting distracted to the point of dance. 

Stream Thompson below and stay tuned for more from this up-and-coming project.