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Charleston Underground Cypher #1 (Video)

Charleston-based musician and producer Ben Beam, who coordinated the Charleston Underground monthly producer/hip-hop series at Lofi Brewing, directed a music video featuring performances by rappers Righteous Rel, King Cutler, Nu, Chemi$t and Mos Stef, all fixtures of the Charleston Underground scene. The video was released on New Year’s Day.

The cypher is a long-standing tradition in hip-hop culture that features a circle of rappers gathering and performing together. This recording captured some of Charleston’s most talented artists with paired-back visuals that allowed their wordplay and presence to stand out as the focal point. Beam shot the video in black and white, creating a mood of mystery while also adding extra dramatic emphasis on each artist.

A single beat crafted by Beam runs throughout the track while the rappers showcase their distinct verbal prowess. Seen side-by-side, the shared talent of each of the performers is evident. The video is a celebration of the immense rap talent we have in the Lowcountry.

Watch the video Charleston Underground Cypher #1 below.