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Rex Darling Releases Debut Full-Length Album Living Room Diaries

Rex Darling released their much-anticipated first full-length album, Living Room Diaries, on Friday. The project was two years in the making, and its release is a long-awaited delight for fans of the band. 

Singer Catherine Hunsinger’s vocals range from light and tingly to brazen and intense throughout Living Room Diaries. Much of the album also contains choral-like echoes and vocal layers, creating a dreaminess brought down to earth through rich lyricism. 

Tracks “Carcinogen” and “High Fashion Crazy”  were first released as singles, the remaining nine tracks are brand new. “Ahhlelluia” (note the spelling) is a standout, Hunsinger’s voice dancing through sensual, imagistic lyrics and closing with “I’ve been sinning for a long time.”

“In My Palms” is a poignant ballad, the piano, guitar, and violin mingling with tender vocals. 

The most compelling track might be “River,” which stands apart with its anthemic chorus, rapid guitar strumming, and no-more-bullshit attitude. 

Contemplative instrumentation and impressive vocal stylings abound on Living Room Diaries. Stream the album below.