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My Life As a Dog – “I’m On Fire”

My Life As a Dog, the project/artist name of singer-songwriter Ryan Hanifin, released a new single, “I’m On Fire,” on Friday. The track is a cover of the famous song originally performed by Bruce Springsteen

My Life As a Dog gives “I’m On Fire” an energetic, layered twist. The drums, which were provided by Kyle May, keep an upbeat pace. 

Hanifin’s vocals are polished, yet he captures a sense of yearning that feels true to the feeling behind the original track. Big instrumentation and the addition of horns round out the sound.

“I’m On Fire” is a song that has been covered numerous times, but this version feels fresh, providing a different enough perspective to warrant its existence while respecting The Boss’s original tune. 

The track was mixed by Coast Records and mastered by For The Record Mastering. Stream “I’m On Fire” by My Life As a Dog below.