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Contour Releases Debut Full-Length Album Onwards!

Experimental musician, songwriter, producer, and composer Khari Lucas, a.k.a. Contour, released his debut full-length album, Onwards!, on Friday via Touching Bass Records

Three of the featured tracks, “Hearing Voices,” “Repossess,” and  “At All,” were dropped as singles ahead of the album release, and the remaining nine are brand new. 

Layered and echoed spoken-word vocals, dreamy piano, and soulful bass abound in Onwards!, and while the songs contain a feeling of atmospheric ethereality, there is also a level of realness expressed, particularly through expertly-placed samples that serve as an exploration of black art and experience.

The lines between poetry and music are blended and blurred in Contour’s ambitious project, as is demonstrated in lyrics from the closing track “At All:” “In a way I am born every morning when I awake / Maybe then I can reach past this life when I close my eyes / Can I be there / And can I be here / And can I do both at once?”

Steam Onwards! by Contour below.