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Ronie G – “Fear of God” (Video)

When a music video is shot in a graveyard, you know it’s going to be interesting. Such is the case with Walterboro, South Carolina rapper Ronie G’s visual for his song “Fear of God,” which he released this week.

The track opens with sort of subdued, almost eerie instrumental music, hinting that “Fear of God” might deal with concepts outside of our physical realm. “Only fearing God,” the rapper begins, providing a grounded contrast through his blunt delivery.  

The video plays upon a mood that is both heavy and ironic, showing Ronie G rapping in the graveyard, sitting on a bench or standing in front of a cross headstone. At other points he smokes inside and outside of a car, the lens shifting ominously to night vision.

Ronie G raps about getting high throughout the track, but he also occasionally delivers a more thoughtful line like “I know what my purpose is.” 

The video for “Fear of God” was shot and directed by JoeyLenz. Check it out below.