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Pip the Pansy Releases Debut Full-Length Album Neon Garden

Atlanta-based artist Pip the Pansy released Neon Garden on Friday. The 12-song project is Pip’s first full-length and self-produced album. 

Neon Garden is expansive, with an atmospheric quality that permeates each track. While her flute dips and tingles in an ethereal dance, Pip’s vocals add intrigue and run the gamut from airy to soulful to vibrant.

At times, it’s easy to imagine the music being played in some kind of cave: background sounds echo and ping in the dreamy soundscape. 

While there is an element of lightness to much of Neon Garden, there are also plenty of sonic choices that add grit and energy. A dance-ready beat can also be heard throughout the album, particularly on track “When The Lights Go Out.”

Another standout song is “QUEEN OF THE BEAST,” a track that shows Pip leaning into a darker, more mysterious sound, backed by some raving synth and a beat that skews ominous.

Neon Garden is a dynamic journey for the ears from start to finish. Stream the album below.