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PATx – “Somebody Else”

Columbia-based hip-hop/alternative artist and filmmaker PATx released a new single, “Somebody Else,” on Friday. The track exemplifies his skill for melding genres in a way that builds a multi-faceted yet cohesive sound.

“Somebody Else” begins with an alt-rock-style bass line, dark and slow. Vocals kick in: “We don’t have to bargain / We can just be young / I don’t know how this started / I just thought you’d be fun.” Then the hip-hop element is introduced in the form of a beat that is as steady and as heavy as the bass that it mirrors.

The lyrics continue to explore the dynamics of a crumbling and confusing relationship and feelings of distrust and betrayal. “You say that you been busy / But I think you’ve just been occupied,” he laments. 

PATx has a unique ability to play with characteristics of rap, hip-hop, and alternative music, allowing disparate pieces to come together to form a satisfying whole. Stream “Somebody Else” below.