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Babe Club – “Lazy Lover”

“I don’t want to get out of bed today / I don’t want to shave my legs / I don’t wanna to stare at the same blank walls / I promised I’d decorate,” laments Jenna Desmond on the latest Babe Club song, “Lazy Lover.” The track, which dropped last week, is the duo’s first single of the year. 

Desmond goes on to describe a relationship dynamic in which she feels like the “lazy lover” out of the pair, while her better half (presumably Corey Campbell) lifts her up. Images of moldy strawberries and dusty magazines convey a sense of listless cabin fever.

Despite its introspective lyrics, “Lazy Lover” shows Babe Club leaning fully into a bright indie-pop sound, with buoyant percussion and an effervescent abundance of synth chords.

“It feels like an arrival to me to release this song. Two years passed since I started writing this song, and every word in it was my truth. This song came out of one of my lowest moments during the pandemic,” Desmond said on an Instagram post about the track, which she and Campbell recorded and produced in their home. 

Stream “Lazy Lover” by Babe Club below, and stay tuned for the music video dropping on Wednesday, April 13th.