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Tyrie – “Calling Out” ft. Sydney Blackwell

Hip-hop artist Tyrie released an atmospheric new single, “Calling Out,” on Thursday. The track is a collaboration with vocalist Sydney Blackwell

“Calling Out” begins with a Blackwell singing soulfully. “Hey now, hey now, hey now / You’re falling into place,” she croons like a siren calling through the ether. The beat drops and the repetition continues, creating an addictive loop. Blackwell’s vocals are the star of the show for the beginning of the track. 

Tyrie comes in about halfway through “Calling Out,” rapping in time with a beat that has become gritty and grounded. He spits some verses that are more serious and existential: “I ain’t tryna live life on defense,” balanced with a heavy dose of dance-ready playfulness with lines like “Thick bitches in the club get it in.” The beat becomes more staccato during the latter portion of the lyrics, making the listener want to break it down. 

Stream “Calling Out” by Tyrie featuring Sydney Blackwell below.