Gaston Wendler – “Painter” / “Spirals (Toxic-Touch)” / “Quiet Place”

Argentinian musician Gaston Wendler is following up his 2021 single, “Hangover and a Bruise,” with the release of three new songs: “Painter,” “Spirals (Toxic-Touch),” and “Quiet Place.” Wendler has played around Charleston with artists (and Extra Chill favorites) like Tom Mackell, Paul Who Is Lost, Fo Daniels, Aggie Flores, and more.

The three tracks weave together an alt-rock sound that leans mysterious. “Painter” is guitar driven, with some background reverb. Wendler sings “Darling your mirror / Is colorblind / It doesn’t show you / You’re as purple as some nights / And I am the painter.”

The following track, “Spirals (Toxic-Touch),” drags along almost as if reluctant, as if trying to resist somebody’s pull. Wendler’s voice soars with more force than on the previous track, lamenting: “Think I’ll miss your toxic touch.”

The third single, “Quiet Place,” boasts a steady beat and an echo-laden vocal soundscape. 

Following this release, Wendler plans to take off once again, leaving Charleston to go make music in locations including his home country of Argentina, Australia, Brasil, and more.

Stream the new songs below and, if you’re considering any big trips in 2022, check to see if you can coordinate them with a Gaston Wendler live performance. 

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