Easy Honey – “Calling It Off” (Video)

Easy Honey released a music video for “Calling It Off,” track two from their 2021 sophomore album Peach Fuzz, on Friday.

The visuals are crisp in their simplicity, with an opening shot of the bed of a pickup truck cruising down the road. Soon Selby Austin hops in and starts singing. The truck barrels down a dirt road, stopping along the way to pick up each band member, including the group’s new bassist (and Selby’s brother) Webster Austin. Once the full crew arrives at their destination, they finish off the song concert-style in the middle of a field.

While the straightforward video stands in contrast to fickle confusion and back-and-forth detailed in the lyrics of “Calling It Off:” “I keep calling / And you keep calling it off” and “It’s not over / But we gotta call this thing off,” it emits the amiable energy that is characteristic of the band.

Watch the video for “Calling It Off” below and don’t forget to mark April 29 and 30 in your calendars for Easy Nights, a special two-night show featuring Easy Honey and 87 Nights at The Royal American. 

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