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Lil Mexico – “Blah Blah” (Video)

Hip-hop artist and Gray Court, SC native Lil Mexico dropped a new single, “Blah Blah,” this week, featuring fellow rapper MB Montana. He paired the song with a video crafted by Gm Visuals. It opens with a scene of a man counting money, face shrouded in a ski mask. Ominous piano and background tones alongside a steady beat create a sense of foreboding. The shot switches to show Lil Mexico in a Scottie Pippen jersey, flanked by MB Montana and crew, all in coordinating red jerseys in an apartment living room. 

A glittery, psychedelic strobe highlights the images and faces, sometimes in different colors, and trippy visual distortion is used throughout the video. The characters carry guns that are blurred. 

“Blah Blah” is an assertive track, lamenting those who waste time bad mouthing nonsense. “I heard the shit / I hear the shit / but imma call your bluff / ain’t scared of shit / you scared of shit / for acting like you’re tough,” Lil Mexico raps.

The ending scene features a parking lot shoot-out, showing that Lil Mexico doesn’t mess around. This is true both in the video and in the local rap scene, where he continues to impress. Watch the video for “Blah Blah” by Lil Mexico below.