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Toni Esther Releases New Album, The Vulnerability Project

Rapper and singer Toni Esther dropped an impressive 15-song album, The Vulnerability Project, over the weeked. The project features several collaborators, with Eezy Olah, CashDaGawd, Milah, Majestiq, and The Life of JP showing up on tracks throughout the album. Also included in Esther’s “cast” of characters who brought the album to fruition are J Salt, Myke Soun, Airborne Audio, and Matt Graham, who helped to produce songs on The Vulnerability Project.

The album is Esther’s take on hip-hop and bedroom R&B, which brings the listener along for an interesting and honest sonic journey. The tracks feel expansive and atmospheric yet grounded, especially through rap verses that at times take on an almost spoken-word poetry quality. The album’s title is apt given the subject matter of the lyrics, which delve into themes of romance, sex, heartbreak, and confusion. The first song opens with the statement: “Love hard, have great sex, and if you gotta go through the pain, kid, be grateful for whatever lesson you learn,” setting the tone for the music that follows.

Toni Esther has furthered her status as one of South Carolina’s most interesting artists through The Vulnerability Project. Stream the album below.