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Semkari Releases New Album, Lovers Nightmare

Charleston rapper and vocalist Semkari released his first full-length album, Lovers Nightmare this week. The 24-year old rising star celebrated with an album release party on Friday night at Royal American featuring Tyrie, Clayton James, Hirow, and Dwrxght. 

Lovers Nightmare is a 10-track project made up of an eclectic group of songs that exemplify Kari’s genre-defying artistry. While you could say the album, as a whole, is rap, he also mixes in some vocal work that calls to mind angsty alt-rock ballads of the 2000s and some electronic flourishes. 

Themes of interpersonal relationships and the conflict and confusion they bring abound in Lovers Nightmare. Tracks “Warzone,” “Gone”, “Mood”, and “Fallin Down” were dropped as singles prior to the album release, while the others featured are brand new. The interesting and unexpected music references Semkari is known for continue, with songs calling out Metro Station’s hit “Shake It” and Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed.” Kari also gives a nod to today’s culture with lines like: “message turned green / you’re so mean / why you block me?”

Stream Lovers Nightmare by Semkari below.