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Salti Ray – “Are You Still Sad All The Time?”

Spartanburg-based indie rock band Satli Ray released a new single, “Are You Still Sad All the Time,” on October 18. It’s the group’s first release since they dropped “Luxury” earlier this year, a single that we premiered here on Extra Chill.

“Are You Still Sad All The Time?” is a track full of depth and melancholy, much like the name suggests, though that’s not to say it’s low-energy. Singer Mary Norris sets the tone right away with sweeping, emotional vocals, singing lines like “it rains in my living room / I feel it deep I feel it wide / it’s so cloudy inside / are you still sad all the time?”.

The guitar and drums keep a rhythmic, anticipatory pace until about two thirds of the way through the song, when the urgency is increased and everything becomes faster, louder, and more frenetic. Noelle Taylor smashes a classic Salti Ray guitar solo for the grand finale. 

Stream “Are You Still Sad All The Time?” by Salti Ray below.