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Easy Honey – “Far Out” (Video)

Easy Honey dropped a new video for their single, “Far Out,” this week, and also released their own custom “Peach Fuzz” guitar pedal. The music video features the boys digging for treasure on the beach, occasionally submerged in the sand up to their necks as they sing the lively tune. In other shots, singer Darby Mcglone is seen fighting through waves in order to sing to the camera.

After singer Selby Austin and drummer Charlie Holt put their shovels to the sand, the treasure is eventually revealed to be the guitar pedal. Austin and Holt deem it too powerful to be released into the world. They bury it back up, only for a treasure-hunting beach goer to stumble upon it with a metal detector. 

The video is a light-hearted ride that was created entirely by the Easy Honey team and shows the group’s personality. The band is creating more and more buzz for their upcoming album, Peach Fuzz, set to be released on 11/19.

Watch the video for “Far Out” by Easy Honey below.

Easy Honey’s “Peach Fuzz” guitar pedal, built by JoJo Fogarty