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Black Nicholson – “Dream Dealer”

Black Nicholson dropped a new single, “Dream Dealer,” last week. It’s the artist’s fifth single this year, the most recent in a string of releases that have all been impressive.

“Dream Dealer” is a melodic track that opens with elements of old school R&B and soul enmeshed in a psychedelic mist, as if the past is trickling through to us from some sort of glitch in the matrix. The beat is modern, though, and Nicholson’s voice delivers the words in his signature laid-back style.

Lyrically, some of the lines mirror the track’s hazy quality with references to a dreamlike state: “Spirits through the night / truly guide me.” Other times, the lyrics showcase Nicholson’s talent for clever, humorous quips, like the line: “I had Stacy’s mom / now I want Stacy.”

“Dream Dealer” is a track that demonstrates Black Nicholson’s ability to effortlessly combine components of the past and present in a compelling and, dare we say, dreamy, way. 

Stream “Dream Dealer” by Black Nicholson below.