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Julie Slonecki – “Something to Love”

Charleston singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julie Slonecki, frontwoman of comedic band Sexbruise? and improv rock group Spicy Baby, released a new single, “Something to Love,” on Friday. The track is a genre-bending ride that feels something like a classic-rock power ballad meets indie pop dream.

The guitar sound in “Something to Love” is robust and dynamic, while Slonecki’s vocals drip and drag sexily. “There’s a thought that never leaves my side,” she croons as the song opens, and the lyrics proceed to divulge the details of this thought process throughout the track. It’s a late night song, but it’s not low-energy. It’s the kind of music you should put on as you’re pouring a nightcap – preferably some dark liquor concoction.

In addition to providing the vocals, Slonecki plays bass and guitar on the song. It also features local musicians John Pope and Will Evans on drums and guitar, respectively. Slonecki mixed and mastered “Something to Love” herself in her home studio.

Stream “Something to Love” by Julie Slonecki below.