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John Renaldo – “Water Song” (Video)

Back in December, former Community Pool member (and current Leopard and the Diamond Sky member) John Renaldo released a solo EP on Bandcamp called Where Ya Been?. The EP is filled with lighthearted, dreamy lo-fi tunes with a hint of outlaw twang. Yesterday the Charleston-based Secret Cottage collective that he calls home shared the video for “Water Song” off the EP, which Rolling Stone has apparently called a “very chill slice of life”. We were unable to find these words on Rolling Stone (we’re not so good with computers), but we will double down on this sentiment and call the “Water Song” video an “extra chill slice of life”.

“Water Song” is a laid-back folk song that rolls along gentle psychedelic waves, much like the canoe depicted in the retro-style music video. Oddly enough, I’m hearing whispers of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” in the melody here. Think of that what you will, but you’ll be pleased to find that John’s voice sounds nothing like ole Brucey’s.

Watch the video for “Water Song” by John Renaldo below.