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Persona La Ave Releases New Ambient Album, Touch

The name Dylan Dawkins has been all over everything lately, from directing the new Little Bird video, to the recent collaboration with SUSTO (on their new album) and Aldrick Williams for The Bloodstock of Poetry, and more. Today the name pops up again as the ambient new Persona La Ave album, Touch, which first dropped as a Bandcamp exclusive in October, has just been released on all streaming platforms.

Persona La Ave releases many different flavors of music, some of which you can dance to, and others that are better suited for zoning out and thinking. Touch falls into the “zone out and think” category, with exploratory ambient sounds that float through different phases, some gentle and others more abrasive and psychedelic. You can ride the wave of emotions as you listen along, and it might help you unclog a few mental pores if you let it. Here’s to yet another feather in the hat of Dylan Dawkins.

Listen to Touch by Persona La Ave below.