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Legit Smitty – “Feelin’ Rough”

Despite the questionable artist name, we really enjoyed Legit Smitty’s new single “Feelin’ Rough”. The tune comes from his upcoming EP, Goodwill Steeple, which the Nashville-based artist will release on February 5th via Holy Moly Records, Legit Smitty’s very own DIY label.

With a loose basis in garage rock, “Feelin’ Rough” has a vibe of cynical disappointment with your own life, and mostly caused by your own decisions. You’re trying not to care, because you’ve convinced yourself that nothing matters, but then the chorus kicks in: “Older now and feelin’ rough / Doctor help me get grown up”, and it becomes clear that deep down you know that something’s got to change. Smitty’s vocals carry that attitude and the casual arrangement feels like throwing it all at the wall and saying “fuck it”. Now if we could just do something about that artist name…

Listen to “Feelin’ Rough” by Legit Smitty below.