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Black Dave – EP 000012

For the entirety of 2020, Charleston’s Black Dave released a short 3-track EP on the last day of each month. The final installment, EP 000012 was released on New Years Eve and served as the end cap for Dave’s creative output in 2020, which was immense. In addition to these EPs, Dave also created a new beat every day, started a mini vlog series, and facilitated the release of the Amethyst in SC project, which we recently ranked at number one on our Best SC Albums of 2020 list.

Each EP was crafted entirely by Black Dave himself, from rapping to production and cover art. Each EP also had a different style and gave Dave a space to experiment and grow as an artist. It was great to follow this series in 2020 and I’m looking forward to what Dave comes up with in 2021.

Listen to EP 000012 by Black Dave below.