Pueblo Now – “Scenario”

Pueblo Now is a new indie-pop project based out of Greenville, SC who just released their debut single “Scenario” earlier this month. “Scenario” is a nice, mellow tune in the jangly realm of bands like Real Estate and Beach Fossils, and while it doesn’t blaze any revolutionary sonic territory it does scratch that indie itch in a genre that is always good for a lazy, hazy afternoon. This is a solid debut with a great aesthetic that makes Pueblo Now a project to keep our eyes on around here.

Here’s what Nyleen of Pueblo Now had to say about “Scenario” in a recent Instagram post:

Pueblo Now is a project that has been in the works for a minute so I’m excited to finally be in a place where I feel “confident enough” to share sounds and visuals and raw emotion that manifests itself into whatever form it leans towards.

I wouldn’t be doing any of this without the help and encouragement of my friends. That being said, Pueblo (meaning town) Now means collaboration and community so I’m hoping that this encourages you (the reader) to do the damn thing!

Listen to “Scenario” below.

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