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Toni Esther Releases New Album Toni 2.0

On Saturday, the Florence, SC rapper, singer, and songwriter Toni Esther celebrated her birthday. Also on Saturday, Toni Esther released her newest album, Toni 2.0, a full-length effort filled with bars and more of the velvety vocals that first caught our ears on the single “Soul Glow” earlier this year. The record is produced with an old school, soulful vibe, but Toni is also not afraid to turn things up a notch when the time calls for it. It was produced by Shawn P (A.k.a Petro), who also has a feature on the final track, “Toast”.

Toni Esther is one of the most promising artists coming up in South Carolina right now and we think she deserves a lot more attention. She’s making some dope music with a really genuine energy to it, and she’s got a versatile talent that allows her to crush a lot of different types of music. The girl can sing and rap better than most people who only try to do one or the other, and she can do both.

Listen to Toni 2.0 by Toni Esther below.