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Lo ‘Kuntry – “Do Your Dance” (Video)

This past weekend, Charleston rapper Lo’ Kuntry released a new music video for his song “Do Your Dance”, which comes from the album Lo’ Kuntry 2 that was released on October 23rd. The video was released on Halloween and is another combination with JoeyLenz of Filthy Videos, whom also created the “Really Going” video that turned me on to Lo’ Kuntry in the first place. Which I might add that he bought a billboard for out on i95, right below a Trump campaign ad.

“Do Your Dance” is another one that showcases both Lo’ Kuntry’s musical talents and his over the top sense of humor. In this one he’s excited about his date with a beautiful girl, and then he transforms into a zombie while they’re walking and starts to “do his dance”. I think Lo’ Kuntry is onto something with these ridiculous music videos, especially because the music holds up on its own.

Check out the video for “Do Your Dance” by Lo’ Kuntry below. Stream the rest of the new album Lo’ Kuntry 2 below that.