DJ DollaMenu – “Internet Going Nutz”

Charleston’s DJ DollaMenu says he plans to release a new single every week. On Friday he released the first single of this new series titled “Internet Going Nutz”. Filed under “Fitness & Workout” on Apple Music, the song is a one minute electronic freestyle that has me wall twerking in my office. The next single in the series is called “Give Me A Minute” and will be released this Friday. You can pre-save that one on Spotify here.

I’m not sure how long DJ DollaMenu plans to release a new single every week for, but I do know at this point that if he says he’s going to do it then he definitely is. DJ DollaMenu has been crushing content all through quarantine, including his signature Coronavirus care packages on Instagram. It seems like he’s one artist that may have actually benefitted from the changes overcame the music landscape in 2020.

Listen to “Internet Going Nutz” by DJ DollaMenu below.

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