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Black Dave – EP 000010

On Saturday, Charleston creative Black Dave released the tenth installment of his 2020 challenge to put out a three-track EP on the final day of every month. Each EP has been a creative experiment for Dave, and an outlet for him to continue his growth as both a rapper and a producer, and one of many creative experiments he’s been working on this year.

EP 000010 is notable for the first track, “YAKWTFGO” (You Already Know What The Fuck Going On), which starts out as a normal rap song and takes a hard left turn into hardcore music about halfway through, complete with a breakdown and dirty guitars. “You’re Already Dead” has a kind of old school throwback feel to it, which is something that Dave doesn’t often do.

In a recent interview with Kalyn Oyer of Charleston Scene in her new zine Betweenthesoundmachine, Dave talks about the EP project, some of his other creative projects, as well as his outlook and mindset on being an artist. You can read that interview here.

Listen to EP 000010 by Black Dave below.