Trap Dickey – “Run Down” (Video)

The more I dig around, the more I understand that there is a lot of dope hip-hop coming out of South Carolina. Hartsville, SC rapper Trap Dickey is the most recent to catch my eye with his newest video for “Run Down”. The track comes from his 2018 mixtape, Crosstracks, and the music video was released earlier this week.

“Run Down” is a supremely catchy tune that has an upbeat and fun feel to it, but is actually about real shit. The video begins with Dickey’s mother and grandmother sitting at a table, when they hear some gunshots outside. His grandmother is not concerned, and says that it’s just her grandboys, meaning that this is a normal occurrence in the neighborhood. Instead of writing a heartfelt song about trying to stop violence in the hood, Trap Dickey simply raps about keeping it real and walking the talk. You can connect the dots there, I’m sure.

Check out the video for “Run Down” by Trap Dickey below.

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