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Michael Flynn Releases New Album Survive With Me

Michael Flynn, formerly of the Charleston band Slow Runner, has just released his new solo album Survive With Me. The album comes after Flynn’s recent relocation to the mountains of Western North Carolina, to the small town of Saluda (just outside of Asheville). In this way, the album serves as a “manifesto” of sorts to Flynn’s life in the mountains, and reflects his continued growth both as a songwriter and a human being since parting ways with Slow Runner.

Flynn’s music has always had a soothing element to it, whether that be from the gentle vocal delivery or the subdued, peaceful instrumentation. Survive With Me has all that, with an added dose of musical exploration. lo The record makes use of banjos, horns, synth, marimba, and whatnot as the sometimes quirky, sometimes intricate, always careful musical backdrop to Flynn’s solemn and nostalgic verses. It feels like sipping tie-dye coffee on a steamy mountain morning, with a bright orange sun just now coming up over the trees. Memories of days past and former homes bubble up as you sip your morning brew, and ponder the day to come.

Listen to the new album, Survive With Me, by Michael Flynn below.