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Black Dave – EP 000009

We’re a little late to the party this month for Black Dave’s September EP, which was released last Wednesday, September 30th. EP 000009 continues Black Dave’s 2020 project of releasing a short EP on the last day of every month, each with their own theme and each made from scratch entirely by Black Dave himself.

EP 000009 draws sonic comparisons between hardcore music, rock music, and laid-back wordplay driven hip-hop. This is represented right away with “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, which opens hot with a guitar and drum driven hardcore breakdown, complete with Black Dave’s screaming vocals. This continues with “Boss”, which switches between laid-back singing and rapping and more intense, guitar driven sections that feature similarly impassioned vocals.

Final track “I Can (Still) Be What You Want” takes things to a more experimental level, using the same themes as the previous two songs but with more creative leeway in the production. The repetitiveness in the intro here takes me out of the song a bit, but feels almost worth it when the beat opens up and Dave comes in with a fierce verse backed by distorted guitars.

Listen to Black Dave’s September release, EP 000009 below.