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John Brewster – “All That You Do”

Today, John Brewster (formerly of SondorBlue) released a new single called “All That You Do”. The song is a reflection that has John wondering how he can help somebody in need, and then gives thanks to another being who helps him along the way.

According to his Instagram post announcing the release of the song, “All That You Do” is a thank-you to all of the real life heroes and essential workers, created in collaboration with his partner Sarah Mitch, who contributed some vocal harmonies. However, I listened to the song before reading the Instagram post, and to me it sounds like a God song, especially because it’s played on piano and includes some choral embellishments.

I can picture this one being played in a Sunday morning church service, with all the mothers smiling along and thanking God in silent prayer. Meanwhile we’re in the back, bleary-eyed and hungover, just waiting to get our hands on that sweet, sweet church wine.

John says that this is just the first of a handful of songs on his radar for release in the coming weeks. Listen to “All That You Do” below, and stay tuned for the next one on October 2nd.