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Black Dave – EP 000008

Black Dave’s August EP, titled EP 000008 dropped on Monday. The release continues Black Dave’s ongoing project to release a short EP on the last day of every month for the entirety of 2020. As we have mentioned before, each EP is crafted by Dave himself, from the beats to the rapping and everything in between. Each EP has also had a slightly different vibe, and EP 000008 changes things up once again.

This has been an interesting project to follow along with thus far because we’ve been able to see Dave’s creative progression with each EP. In my opinion the most progression we’ve seen has been in the beat making. Every EP thus far has had more and more interesting production elements, yet they’ve all been in a slightly different vibe. Black Dave is becoming a pretty dang good producer, and I would assume that he knows that at this point because he’s been rapping less and less on these EPs and using his vocals as another production element.

EP 000008 makes use of gentle keys that almost makes the entire EP sound like it could be one long song, building calmly to the final track, “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”. The first two tracks, “Affirmations” and “10down in 10deep” are for the most part quiet and driven by these gentle keys, and then the final track adds some guitar and more heavy drums to close things out.

Listen to EP 000008 by Black Dave below.