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Rock Eupora – Hurts to Laugh / Dish Island (Review)

People who say, “Rock is dead,” haven’t listened to Rock Eupora. This one-man power pop band, based out of Nashville, is the brainchild of Clayton Waller. He writes all the parts, records all the instruments, and sometimes even produces the music himself. This digital 7” (as they’re calling it) contains two tracks that explore questions of personal significance.

When “Hurts to Laugh” opens, it sounds like it might just be a simple 70s-throwback rock tune. However, it quickly turns into a huge anthem with clever changes, massive drums, and some truly catchy hooks. This song is a completely bombastic and unafraid declaration of how liberating it feels to let go of the self-importance that can come with being an artist.

“Dish Island” explores the other side of that coin, describing how removing performative behavior from your life can make you feel powerless. In this track, the way the vocals are produced gives them such a distinctive sound; multiple octaves stack on top of each other without ever feeling over-crowded. When the chorus hits, you feel like you’ve been thrown in the middle of a stadium with your arms waving above your head.

These two songs, produced by Clayton Waller and Brendan St. Gelais, are full of glam, polish, and more massive musical moments than should be allowed.

Hurts to Laugh / Dish Island is available as of July 17, 2020 on Single Lock Records. You can stream it on Rock Eupora’s Bandcamp, or via Spotify below.