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Current Blue – “Los Santos”

Last week, Charleston’s Current Blue released a new single called “Los Santos”. I’ve slept on this band around here for a while now, but this song caught my ear this morning. It’s got a sense of style to it that I’m really digging, with a nice silky guitar tone and an overall smooth vibe. It isn’t breaking any new ground on an emotional level, but it really isn’t trying to do that at all. Current Blue, at least on “Los Santos” is all about the vibe, and it’s extremely catchy.

“Los Santos” is a song about a rooftop party, and if the party feels anything like this song feels, it’s a party that I’d like to be at. Although my standards for what constitutes a good party these days are pretty low. I’ll take three friends, a bottle of wine, and a deck of cards and call it a banger.

Listen to “Los Santos” by Current Blue below.