ShyRaxx – “Painless” (Video)

Last month, Charleston rapper ShyRaxx released the music video for his 2019 single “Painless”. ShyRaxx hails from Harlem but now calls Charleston home, which gives his music a bit of a different vibe than other Charleston rappers, because he’s got that NYC style blended with some Southern influence. “Painless” is a song about coming up from the streets and bringing your friends up with you, but not forgetting the struggle of where you came from, and the friends and family you lost along the way. The overall message is of doing what you’ve gotta do to get out of a shitty situation, even if you don’t like the path that’s laid out in front of you.

Check out the video for “Painless” by ShyRaxx below.

Instagram: @extrachill

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