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Human Resources – “Girlfriend’s House” Remixes

This week, Human Resources dropped three remixes to their newest single “Girlfriend’s House”, which saw release back in March, just before the pandemic kicked in and shut the party down in South Carolina. Each day this week saw a new remix of the track from a different artist, starting with Moontalkr on Monday, Oukuo on Tuesday, and now this morning the final remix comes from Brookyln’s The Landing.

Each of these remixes gives a slightly different flavor to what is probably the best Human Resources song to date, which is saying something if any of you know how long I’ve been touting first “The Witch” and then “Expectations”. As for my favorite of the three remixes, I’ll have to go with the newest one from The Landing. The congas at the beginning are a nice touch, and it’s got a nice spaced-out vibe that is complemented by extra layers of synth.

All of them are worth the listen, though, and it’s up to you to decide if any of these remixes top the original.

Listen to all three “Girlfriend’s House” remixes below.