Caiola – “Finders Keepers”

Today, Jordan Caiola of the band Mo Lowda & The Humble released the first single off his upcoming solo album, “Finders Keepers”. The solo album came to life after Mo Lowda’s touring plans for their new album Ready Coat were shut down due to the onset of the pandemic, and Jordan decided to get to work recording some of the folk songs that he had written over the years that didn’t quite fit with Mo Lowda or his other project NightSeason, so they kind of just sat around collecting dust. When quarantine kicked in, Jordan linked up with Shane Woods, Mo Lowda’s drummer and producer, and hit the studio to record the album, which will be released in the fall.

I will say, “Finders Keepers” does kind of sound like a Mo Lowda & The Humble song, except with a slightly more subdued style and the use of an acoustic guitar. This probably has a lot to do with Jordan’s distinct voice, but I don’t think anybody will complain about more Mo Lowda-esque music.

“Lyrically it focuses on that downtrodden feeling that I think a lot of people get in their lives and may think for that moment that they’re “the only one” dealing with something difficult or withering confidence,” Jordan says of the track. “I think the irony lies within how many millions of people have probably had that feeling of being “the only one” at some point or another.  I hope people listen to this track and feel hopeful in that they are not alone.”

Listen to “Finders Keepers” by Caiola below.

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