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Black Dave – ‘EP 000007’

Black Dave continues his 2020 mission of releasing a short EP on the last day of every month with EP 000007, this time a few days early. Like the previous EPs in this series, the entire thing was created by Black Dave himself, including the production, mixing, rapping, and cover art. This EP has Dave continuing to experiment and making use of samples from anime, perhaps with the most heavy use of samples this time, and a different angle on experimentation.

The first song, “Justice”, includes a speech from Naruto known as the Cycle of Hatred, spoken by the villain Pain. The quote can be applied to what’s happening in the world today, as it suggests that seeking vengeance for injustices breeds further injustice and continues the vicious cycle. Dave’s choice to include this is pretty cool, though the verses themselves don’t exactly relate to it, they’re moreso just Dave flexing his talents and strengths.

Track 2, “Advice” is straight bars about the importance of staying true to yourself in order to achieve happiness and freedom. The beat here is experimental and atmospheric and creates an introspective environment. The final song, “No Idea”, is the most experimental, and I see it as more of an exercise in production than a rap song, because the words are literally just variations of “I have no idea”, and closes with a sample spoken in what I believe is Japanese, and I have no idea what it’s saying.

Check out EP 000007 by Black Dave below.