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Black Dave – ‘EP 000005’

Black Dave continues his creative exercise of releasing a short EP on the last day of every month with the May 31st release of EP 000005. Like the previous releases in the series, this EP was completely created from top to bottom by Black Dave himself, including production and cover art. Every EP that he’s released so far has been different from the one before, but this one is easily the most unique yet.

For EP 000005, Black Dave experiments by adding elements of genres of music other than hip-hop to the sound. You’ll hear influences of hardcore music, rock, metal, and more, and Dave even tries his hand at some screaming vocals. I think this is the best EP he’s released yet, or at least the most interesting because of the unique style that he works within, and my only complaint is the fact that the the anime butt on the cover art will force Google to mark this article as NSFW.

Listen to EP 000005 by Black Dave below. Follow Black Dave on Instagram @blackdaveblackdave.