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Ray DeeZy – “A Lesson B4 Dying”

Ray DeeZy has released a short track called “A Lesson B4 Dying”. According to his recent Instagram post announcing the release, this track comes from a pile of music that he recorded back in January, and he’s been releasing them one at a time to keep busy during the quarantine, and they will not appear on his upcoming album The Getaway. While the title “A Lesson B4 Dying” references Ernest Gaines’ Civil Rights novel of the same name, DeeZy’s verse itself is about getting your shit together, mentally, and focusing only on what’s important in your life.

“Start a garden, not a blog,” DeeZy raps. Naturally I’m here to say you should start a garden and a blog. But the rest of his advice is solid.

Listen to “A Lesson B4 Dying” by Ray DeeZy below.