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Persona La Ave – “The Finest” ft. Baraka

Persona La Ave is back again with another new track, this time a collaboration with his longtime friend Geoffrey Dan, who goes musically as Baraka. Persona and Baraka have released four albums together over the years: III (2018), B-Sides (2018) Drift (2016), and One (2015). According to Dylan, Geoff has recently moved to Charleston and the two have been jamming “so much”. They have another album coming out this summer called IV, and “The Finest” will appear on that album.

“The Finest” is some more late night vibe exploration from Persona La Ave. With the amount of music this man puts out I’d be willing to bet he’s over there explorin’ every night. You might refer to his catalog as a case study in vibe exploration, with findings published on all streaming platforms.

Listen to “The Finest” by Persona La Ave and Baraka below.