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Daddy’s Beemer – “Dancer” (Live from Denmark)

Daddy’s Beemer are back again with another installment of their Wednesday video series, which we’re a day late on covering this week because I’ve personally been busy getting off unemployment and getting back to my day job! Things are opening up around South Carolina and we are feeling cautiously optimistic about the future.

This week, Daddy’s Beemer performs single “Dancer” live from the house in Denmark, SC where they recorded their new album Denmark, due out next week on Friday, June 5th.

In other good news, Daddy’s Beemer have somehow landed a record deal for the release of Denmark. Apparently somebody at Very Jazzed has decided that the album sounds good enough to professionally support. We always knew the boys were scam artists and they’ve finally hooked a big one. Kudos to the Beemer boys.

We have some thoughts of our own about the album itself and how it sounds that we are saving for our official review of Denmark dropping on Thursday, June 4th. Stay tuned.

Check out Daddy’s Beemer performing “Dancer” live from Denmark below.