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Locals Organize 3-Day Stream this Weekend to Benefit The Royal American

This is Noteworthy and Coast Records have organized a special 3-day streaming concert to benefit The Royal American. The stream will take place on the Royal American Instagram account and will feature a lineup of some of Charleston’s most loved artists, all of whom have played many a show at the Royal American over the years.

The stream will take place this coming weekend, starting Thursday, April 30th at 8pm and continuing at 8pm Friday, May 1st, and again 8pm on Saturday, May 2nd. There will be a Venmo and a GoFundMe link available to donate. Full schedule as follows.

UPDATE: GoFundMe link is here

Thursday, April 30th
Brett Nash
She Returns From War
Johnny Delaware

Friday, May 1st
Finnegan Bell
Chris Wilcox
Grace Joyner
Babe Club

Saturday, May 2nd
Keon Masters
2 Slices
Human Resources
Little Stranger

Update: All the performances are still live and available for viewing. When I have time I might come back and say more, but my favorite parts were provided by Brett Nash, Susto, Grace Joyner, and Human Resources.

Night One:

Night Two:

Night Three:

Bonus: Human Resources filmed their own episode of Hot Ones, which premiered 30 minutes before Night Three of the Royal American Stream