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Chipper Bones – “Freer Mind”

Earlier this week, Charleston native and Savannah resident Chipper Bones announced his debut EP as a solo artist, Freer Mind, and released the title track to that EP. Chipper plays bass in the Savannah psych-pop band Rev Bro Diddley and The Hips and also helps with booking for Savannah Stopover, one of the final music events to happen in the pre-Coronavirus shutdown world.

“Freer Mind” is an outlaw folk tune that carries a sort of Kurt Vile influence, except it runs darker and dirtier. It’s like Kurt Vile got dragged through the mud in an old Southern town, and they were munchin’ on psychedelics the whole time.

Listen to “Freer Mind” by Chipper Bones below, and stay tuned for the rest of the EP coming this Monday, April 6th.