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Arson Daily – ‘Late Reflections’

Yesterday, Raleigh natives and Charleston adoptees Arson Daily released their full-length debut album, Late Reflections. We’ve always been impressed by Arson Daily whenever they played in Charleston, and so this album has been on our calendar ever since we heard about it. They made the album in Philadelphia with fellow Charleston adoptee Mo Lowda & The Humble, who also recently dropped a new album called Ready Coat.

I won’t talk about Arson Daily’s cancelled tour dates or anything like that, I just want to put this record out there. Late Reflections is an example of how a young indie band can make an interesting rock album in 2020. It’s fresh, it’s alive, and it’s got enough stylistic changes on it to keep you engaged. This is a good band and they’ll be back in Charleston soon enough.

Listen to the new album Late Reflections by Arson Daily below.