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Native Son – “032020”

Benny Starr and Rodrick Cliche have teamed up on a new project called Native Son. Earlier this month, which admittedly slipped through the cracks here at Extra Chill, the duo released the first track from that collaboration called “030220”. Today, the second track dropped, titled “032020”.

These songs have a similar feel, production-wise, to the material on Benny’s 2019 release, A Water Album, but the subject matter is different. With A Water Album, and most of the other work that Benny Starr does in the Charleston community, the lean is directly political, aimed at inspiring action to make real changes. Native Son is more personal.

Here, Benny raps about himself and the lens through which he views the world. There are still references to his work in the political sphere, but it’s not the main focus. Benny’s just talking about life over some minimalistic beats. He and Rodrick are both in a position to flex a little bit, and that’s exactly what they’re doing with Native Son.

Listen to “032020” by Native Son below, and check out “030220” on Benny’s Soundcloud here.