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Daddy’s Beemer – “Indoors” (Live in a Pool)

Yesterday, Daddy’s Beemer released their second live session recorded from a pool in Clemson, with Danielle McConaghy (formerly of Tom Angst) circling the pool on roller skates. This time they played “Indoors”, which was released along with “Serotonin” back in April, and will likely end up on their upcoming full-length album. They’re currently in the process of recording that album with Preston Dunavant, who is the same dude who handled the video work and audio engineering for this session. The “Indoors” live session offers another recorded look at Daddy’s Beemer as a four-piece, which we’re pretty damn excited about here at Extra Chill.

Learn more about the upcoming Daddy’s Beemer record and their recent move to Charleston in our interview here.

Daddy’s Beemer also announced a summer tour with Atlanta’s Dinner Time yesterday that includes dates up and down the East coast, but nothing in Charleston for reasons that you will learn very soon. Check out “Indoors” live in a pool below, and see the full tour poster below that.