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Slim S.O.U.L. – “Lost”

Charleston hip-hop artist Slim S.O.U.L. recently released a single called “Lost”. You might know Slim from his frequent collaborations and performances with Abstract – that Rapper, or as Cody Dixon the sound guy, or as the brains behind the local non-profit, Soul Power Productions, which supplies PA and sound equipment rentals for charitable and educational purposes. Their first major project was a studio build in Dakar, Senegal, and lately Soul Power has been doing workshops and summer programs around the Lowcountry.

“Lost” offers up a preview of the upcoming Slim S.O.U.L. EP, Late Graduation. According to Cody, the EP is representative of the mindset he found himself in while finishing up school, before everybody graduated and went off in their own directions. Slim plans to release Late Graduation at the end of April, around the time of Slim S.O.U.L.’s performance at Cultura Fest on 4/20 at The Royal American.

After the Late Graduation EP comes out in April, Cody says he plans to release a full-length album called S.O.U.L. at the end of May. He says he wants to get the EP out into the world before going in an entirely different direction with the full-length. Both albums were recorded at both Charleston band Little Bird’s home studio and Cody’s house.

Listen to “Lost” by Slim S.O.U.L. below, and get tickets to Cultura Fest here.